About Us

At Pacific Highway Dental, we dedicate ourselves in providing the best of oral and dental care available today. We believe that all our patients deserve an opportunity at atmosphere of trust and collaboration to receive highest level of dental care.

We strive to bring all our patients’ oral and dental health to the optimal level of comfort, function, and esthetics. We ensure that every aspect of your diagnostic and clinical treatment will be delivered with the utmost attention to quality, care, skill, and knowledge. Our dentist is a committed professional to see this through. We collaborate with patients in helping them in making best informed decisions about their oral health that is most appropriate and beneficial based on their unique circumstances, needs and desires. Everyone at Pacific Highway Dental, from the dentist to our support staff, has our patients’ best interest in mind and we hope to exceed your expectations with regards to comfort, longevity and esthetics of your treatment as well as patient care service. We sincerely hope to work together synergistically to achieve lifelong oral and dental health and a beautiful smile.

D. Neeru Sharma

Dr. Neeru Sharma

Principal Dentist, Pacific Highway Dental